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TRANSLATION SERVICES  As more and more companies are becoming multi-national the need for business document translation grows rapidly. Inter-office memos, marketing campaigns and negotiations all require timely and accurate document translation. We are staffed with business translators who have a strong history of successful track records and the practical experience to handle your translations in real-world situations. Regardless of whether you need document translation for engineering, finance, legal,  medical, construction, scientific research or any one of the other common technical sub-fields, Marvton Language Translators can deliver success to your translation project.  INTERPRETATION SERVICES  Marvton Language Interpreters provide everything you need to make your global meetings successful, including: 🔹On-site interpretation services (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, escort) 🔹American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, both in person and via video conferencing 🔹Assistive listening for hearing-impaired audience members 🔹Document translation for meeting and conference materials 🔹Over-the-Phone Interpretation  🔹Call Center solutions 🔹Audio and video transcription 🔹Video Remote Interpretation.  Each meeting is assigned to a specialty event manager who acts as an extension of your event planning team. Our top priority is ensuring that your meetings run smoothly and accomplish their objectives.  Contact us for your Translation and Interpretation needs.

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