Summer French Language Program

Marvton Language School in collaboration with Shalom Centre for French Language Studies is organizing Summer French Language Programme (SFLP), organized for different categories of people. The programme is aimed at producing Nigerians who are proficient in French as a Foreign Language and as such better equipped to work in International Organizations.

The Programme is designed to foster a social conducive environment where students will easily learn and practice French Language. It is rooted in the premise that an intensive exposure of the students to the Language in a Francophone environment will significantly improve their competences in the usage of the Language and will consequently stand them out from their counterparts.

The programme will feature the following:

👉 Four weeks Intensive French Language Classes

👉 Four weeks Accommodation

👉 Four Weeks Breakfast

👉 Return Ticket from Lagos – Lome (By Road)

👉 Local Transportation

👉 Interaction with French Speakers

👉 Socio – Educative Activities

👉 Excursion to Various parts of Togo

Booking fee is N 150, 000 Naira only

Other Information:

Travel Date: 4th – 31st August (4 weeks)

Location/ Venue : Lomé, Togo.

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