Language Summer Camp

Marvton Language Summer Camp provides one-stop language learning tailored for each individual’s needs and goals. Our popular Summer Program is offered in a conducive learning environment where program participants enjoy learning varieties of performing arts and crafts, cultural values and intensive language courses. The Marvton Language Camps run over Summer breaks every year, and we welcome language learners at all levels to join us. During our camps, you will have the chance to meet lots of people with similar interests to you and you’ll make lifelong friendships. We welcome parents to join this program to view any of the classes and even interact with your children. Or, you can contact us to discuss designing a custom program for you and your family and friends. This flexible program can be tailored to fit around your schedule and any activities that you have planned for summer break.  The day starts with classroom lessons with special focus on a theme. Activities are planned to support the lessons so that vocabulary and conversations taught are used and practiced. The duration of the program is from one week to four weeks.

Our Online Camps are also very Interactive and Fun with Live sessions, videos and games to make learning any language of your choice interesting!!!

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