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Marvton Language Homestay Immersion Programmes have been a major success because it involves you in a total linguistic and cultural immersion with native speakers, living as a guest in the ‘homely’ surroundings of your own tutor’s private family residence. You receive professional, structured and personal attention, with daily practice of your target language. This is the perfect way to learn and enjoy an authentic ‘study abroad programme’ experience in: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or Ukrainian.

What a Language Immersion Homestay Programme offers:

♣ Total linguistic and cultural immersion
Available any time of the year

♣ Students of any age (16-75 years old), and any level beginner to advanced

♣ Learn with an experienced and qualified native speaker and his/her family

♣ Quality homestay accommodation in your tutor’s own private residence
Individual tuition, 15, 20 or 25 hours per week, structured and planned to fit your preferred schedule (daytime, evenings, weekends)
Learn at your own pace, with your style of learning

♣ Practice through informal conversation with your host family, friends, neighbours, and professional colleagues etc.

♣ Visit the local community (shopping, post office, bank, bakery, museums, exhibitions, art galleries etc.)

♣ Cultural activities such as theatre, cinema, sports events, fiestas, or parades

♣ Social activities with your tutor and family, neighbours, friends, and professional colleagues

♣ Touristic activities such as visiting castles, ruins, lakes, coastline, rivers etc. (client pays their own entrance fees where applicable).

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