Language Clubs

Marvton language clubs in Indigenous and Foreign languages including English, follow a curriculum to effectively teach a foreign language to your child. The lesson plans are fast-paced and promote participation from everyone. Our Language Clubs are designed to cultivate a love of language learning while developing essential communication skills in the target language. Classes will cover all areas of language learning; speaking and listening, reading and writing. pupils will learn through games and songs, as well as listening and written activities with plenty of opportunity to try out the language. The activities include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games. Children acquire enough knowledge to enjoy using the language for communication and expression. Courses run every Saturday morning and each class last for 1 hour. Classes are split into year groups: Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6 and Secondary . This means activities can be adapted to suit the ability and interests of different age groups.  We also provide structured programs for both After School Clubs and lessons within curriculum time in  schools 


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