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At Marvton Language School, we partner with multinational organisations and Industries to deliver specialized cutting-edge language services in all languages.



The finance industry is more global and interconnected than ever before, but also faces increased regulatory oversight and new requirements to present financial and regulatory information in multiple languages. Since 2007, leading banks, insurance companies, accounting firms and others in the financial industry have relied on us for professional language solutions they can trust. Our commitment to accuracy has kept our clients returning time and time again.


Commonly requested services include:

 ❑  Financial statement Translation

 ❑  Annual Reports

 ❑  Website

 ❑  Investor Information

 ❑  Press releases

 ❑  Corporate communications


Comprehensive Language Solutions for Banking and Finance:

  ❑  Business Translation

  ❑  Interpretation

  ❑  Conference services

  ❑  Call Centre Solutions

  ❑  Staffing solution

  ❑  ELearning and Training solutions

  ❑  Legal support Services

  ❑  Multilingual content management


The growing reliance on a global supply chain has created the need for large volumes of multilingual documentation ranging from product specifications to online support and user documentation. Raw materials may originate in one set of countries, parts can be sourced in others and assembly may occur in still more countries.


As industrial manufacturing companies increasingly expand nationwide or into international markets, how do you coordinate all the communication and instruction points along the way?


Our services include :


 ⦿  Document Translation

 ⦿  Patent Translation

 ⦿  Website Translation

 ⦿  Interpretation services

 ⦿  Call Centre Solutions

 ⦿  Staffing solution

 ⦿  Legal support Services

 ⦿  Content authoring


Today, travellers independently research, plan, and book elaborate excursions and last-minute lodging directly from their digital devices. This fundamental shift in purchasing habits has made content marketing a competitive necessity in the travel and hospitality industry.

Travel and hospitality brands understand how important multilingual support is to providing a first-class customer experience. Lextorah is the most trusted provider of language services and related technologies to travel and hospitality organizations nationwide. Our innovative solutions make it easy to launch in new markets, attract new customers, cultivate relationships, and build loyalty over the long haul.

We offer the following services to Airlines and hotels:

 ⦿  Multilingual Call Center Support

 ⦿  Content Editing and Creation

 ⦿  Emergency Response Language Support

 ⦿  Cabin Staff Language Testing

 ⦿  Conference Interpretation Services

 ⦿  Staffing/recruiting/training

 ⦿  Website translation

 ⦿  Brochure translation


The Media & Entertainment industry is fast-growing and constantly changing, so it is essential to partner with a language company that can meet urgent deadlines and work seamlessly with the latest multimedia technology.

Our services include:

  ❊  Subtitling

  ❊  Voice over and dubbing

  ❊  Document translation

  ❊  Interpretation

  ❊  Multilingual Desktop Publishing

  ❊  Website Translation


 We provide language support for media & entertainment content including:   

  ❊  Commercials

  ❊  TV Shows

  ❊  Films

  ❊  Live Broadcast

  ❊  Websites

  ❊  Books, Magazines and Newspapers


Our team of linguists and legal professionals are experts in a wide range of practice areas and technical fields. We deliver customized solutions based on the size and cost requirements of your case, utilizing industry leading technology to ensure accuracy, lower costs and faster turnaround times.

Services for the Legal Industry:

  ❑  Legal translation

  ❑  Legal/Court Interpretation

  ❑  Legal Transcription

  ❑  Litigation support

  ❑  Document Review

Practice Areas:

  ❑  Copyright/Intellectual Property

  ❑  Mergers and Acquisitions

  ❑  Corporate and Commercial Litigation

  ❑  International Litigation/Arbitration

  ❑  Patent Litigation

  ❑  Trials


Using the right wording can help you increase the conversion on your online store or maximise the effectiveness of your sales campaigns.

Services for Retail and eCommerce Industry:

  ✥  Multimedia sercives

  ✥  Technical Translation

  ✥  Marketing translation

  ✥  eLearning

  ✥  Website localization

Industry Specializations

   ✥  Retail

   ✥  Home Office Products

   ✥  Cosmetics

   ✥  Food & Beverage

   ✥  Fashion

   ✥  Consumer Electronics


Government agencies rely on Marvton school of Languages to provide top quality language experts .As a language services and communications expert, we can handle your entire requirement from start to finish.


Commonly requested services include:

Voters and Election Guides

Confidential Documents

Immigration Documents

Our services for Government parastatal include:

Document Translation

Over-the-Phone Interpretation   

In-Person Interpretation


Legal Support

Website Translation


When expanding into a new market, a business may need to translate and localize its products’ user interfaces (UI), advertising campaigns, website and mobile content, technical manuals, service level agreements, sales training, employee communications, and much more.


Commonly requested services include:

  ◎  Document Translation

  ◎  Website Translation

  ◎  Interpretation services

  ◎  Call Centre Solutions

  ◎  Staffing solution

  ◎  Legal support Services

  ◎  Content authoring


Telecommunications, software, hardware, mobile devices and consumer electronics companies are rapidly tapping into foreign markets in search of a wider client base. To succeed in these global markets, technology language services are needed in order for companies to ensure that their product or service information for example is translated seamlessly so that it resonates as intended with the target audience.

From product manuals and packaging to websites, support materials, and live customer support, our approach to multilingual programs ensures that you’re able to reach your customers with relevant content in their preferred language.

These materials include:

Product Manuals / User Guides

Training & E-Learning Materials

Marketing brochures

Technical Documentation

End User License Agreements & Terms of Service

Patents & Legal Documents



The oil and gas industry is expanding to new hot spots around the world, including Nigeria, therefore, as the industry expands, so does the need to communicate effectively in additional languages. We offer comprehensive multilingual communications solutions to support the energy, utility, oil and gas industries.


Commonly requested services include:

⦿  Production documents

⦿  Marketing Materials and Websites

⦿  Geological studies

⦿  eLearning & Training Materials

⦿  Legal documents

⦿  Technical Manuals

⦿  HSE Reports

⦿  Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

⦿  Recruitment and Staffing

⦿  Feasibility Reports.


Marvton language specialists have specialized expertise in the following subject areas:


⦿  Oil & Gas

⦿  Mining

⦿  Electricity

⦿  Petrochemicals

⦿  Utilities

⦿  Renewable Energy

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